• How to use Disqus Comment Platform to your Blog

    I know most of the blogger user's want their blog to be like a pro and i think one way is to change your old comment platform to a nice and easy to use platform like disqus comment platform...

    ok i will teach you on how to use disqus comment platform to your blog template, like i used now..actually the template that i am using right now is has no comment platform at all,when i got it to bloggertrick.com that's why i decided to find some alternative or replaceable comment platform to the old one which is the blogspot comment platform ,other love to used it but other wants to have blog liked in wordpress that's why they're using disqus comment platform,anyways if you really interested to use disqus as your comment platform these will be the some procedure that you may do first to have a disqus comment platform ,first just go to disqus.com and sign up to get your free comment system after you filling up all the necessarly information like blog url,the name of your site/blog,shortname of your blog,username,pw,and ect you can now customize your soon to be comment platform like putting some info like,avatar and stuff after that, you can now go to installation and choose the designated platform that you are referred

    if you are using wordpress just hit the wordpress, same as in blogger actually its depend what blog that you're using but in blogspot you just download first your full template to your edit html navigation..

    after u download it you may now go to blogger install instruction,like you saw now on the image

    just browse your full templates then hit the upload button,mostly disqus having problem to our templates that why i must reffered to install it manually than to generate it at here....all u have to do if instance your blog doesnt generate ,just back to the main install instructions and go to Other or Customin the universal code ,and u can see like this ...

    as you can see their was a 2 code in there,the first
    embed code which can u put anywhere in your page.where you want your comment platform to be shown,while the second code which is comment count code you can just paste it right before the closing BODY tag.to your templates code ,after that just check your blog and the disqus comment platform installed already..lol that's it


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