• Combines Two Faces Into One! (@Morphthing.com) Have you ever try to Morph your photo's to those people who wants you to be look like?like your most admired model(s) or celebrities many be..if not, you better try it, because it is really fun, imagine you can see your fav celeb and you as one..lol

    Try to look out what ive done in Morphthing.com

    the visible picture on the left and right is non other than mister dennis trillo one of the hottest actor right now here in the philippines while in the middle one was me ofcourse..lol

    after I've done morphing those picture's this will be the outcome..

    What do you think?i still look like this photo or not?maybe not,right!because he still look like dennis trillo..lol anywayz i hope you will try it as well and lemme see what is the outcome of your morphing...

  • How to use Disqus Comment Platform to your Blog I know most of the blogger user's want their blog to be like a pro and i think one way is to change your old comment platform to a nice and easy to use platform like disqus comment platform...

    ok i will teach you on how to use disqus comment platform to your blog template, like i used now..actually the template that i am using right now is has no comment platform at all,when i got it to bloggertrick.com that's why i decided to find some alternative or replaceable comment platform to the old one which is the blogspot comment platform ,other love to used it but other wants to have blog liked in wordpress that's why they're using disqus comment platform,anyways if you really interested to use disqus as your comment platform these will be the some procedure that you may do first to have a disqus comment platform ,first just go to disqus.com and sign up to get your free comment system after you filling up all the necessarly information like blog url,the name of your site/blog,shortname of your blog,username,pw,and ect you can now customize your soon to be comment platform like putting some info like,avatar and stuff after that, you can now go to installation and choose the designated platform that you are referred

    if you are using wordpress just hit the wordpress, same as in blogger actually its depend what blog that you're using but in blogspot you just download first your full template to your edit html navigation..

    after u download it you may now go to blogger install instruction,like you saw now on the image

    just browse your full templates then hit the upload button,mostly disqus having problem to our templates that why i must reffered to install it manually than to generate it at here....all u have to do if instance your blog doesnt generate ,just back to the main install instructions and go to Other or Customin the universal code ,and u can see like this ...

    as you can see their was a 2 code in there,the first
    embed code which can u put anywhere in your page.where you want your comment platform to be shown,while the second code which is comment count code you can just paste it right before the closing BODY tag.to your templates code ,after that just check your blog and the disqus comment platform installed already..lol that's it

  • Social Networking Site's Addiction. Are you addicted in any social networking site? here i am raising my hand and i know you're raising your hand too..lol i had to admit before i really addicted in the number one social networking site here in the philippines which is friendster.com though the site its simple but the good things of this site is you can make your own personalized layout and you can also put some spice on it like js and html code , with that code you can change the whole appearance of your profile how awesome isnt it? wait and i forgot something..lol and you can also removed their google ads and put your own ads,lol how naughty right? but don't get me wrong i dont really tried this even once, but some people did it,why i know?because they taught me how to tweak it..lol and still i remembered when i studying some of that code together with my friend hazel "art" cuartelon, we really cant sleep until we found some great code to our profile, until we achieved what we want..but right now friendter detect us what we did to their profile that's why they made a filtered for those code's..huuh how sad,since we noticed that our layout doesn't worked in friendster i started to research some good social networking site which i found now the facebook.com though we cant change the layout of this site but we really got enjoyed to their games and application especially farmville,farmtown.poker,mafia war,pet society,and many more since we starting using it hazel and my other friends really got addicted on it,in a sense they really cant sleep again not just finding some code now but they have just to harvest there farm..how funny right?but they really valued it ..hahaha

    You what is your fav social networking site?and are also addicted with it?

  • Kasiyahan

    Mga tao ibat-iba ang kasiyahan nian eh.
    May mga taong nabubuhay o kaya masaya dahil may pera sila.
    May mga tao naman na masaya lang dahil may nakakain sila sa maghapon.
    May mga taong masaya dahil sa pagmamahal. Dahil sila ay minamahal, o sila ang nagmamahal, o sila ay nagmamahalan.
    May mga taong masaya dahil nagkikita sila bigla ng pamilya, kaibigan o marahil sa naging kaaway dati na ngayon ay parang wala naman nangyari.
    May mga taong masaya sa ginagawa nila at nakakapagearn sila ng pera.
    May mga taong nasa bahau lang na masayang binabahagi ang kanilang buhay sa kanilang pamilya.
    May mga taong masaya dahil nanalo sila ng lotto at nagkaroon sila ng bagong buhay at pag-asa sa buhay.

    May mga taong masaya dahil nandiyan parin ang pamilya nila na sumusuporta sa kanila kahit anumang mangyari sa buhay nila.
    May mga taong masya na basta makausap lang nila ang minamahal nila.
    May mga taong masaya dahil nakakatulong sila sa ibang taong nangangailangan.
    May mga taong masaya basta makapag-aral lang sila.
    May mga taong kahit nasasaktan naman sila, ay masaya sila para sa ibang tao.

    Madaming paraan o madaming pwedeng maging ikasaya ng isang tao. Pero minsan hindi talga natin maiwasan ang maging malungkot, dahil sa mga problemang dumarating.
    Pero kahit anuman ay kahit minsan ay naging masaya naman tayo diba?
    Kaya pwede pa natin ipagpatuloy ang buhat, dahil malay natin bukas, mamaya o sa isang araw may isang bagay na pwede natin ikasaya.

    Guest blogger:

    -joy l. concepcion


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