• Social Networking Site's Addiction.

    Are you addicted in any social networking site? here i am raising my hand and i know you're raising your hand too..lol i had to admit before i really addicted in the number one social networking site here in the philippines which is friendster.com though the site its simple but the good things of this site is you can make your own personalized layout and you can also put some spice on it like js and html code , with that code you can change the whole appearance of your profile how awesome isnt it? wait and i forgot something..lol and you can also removed their google ads and put your own ads,lol how naughty right? but don't get me wrong i dont really tried this even once, but some people did it,why i know?because they taught me how to tweak it..lol and still i remembered when i studying some of that code together with my friend hazel "art" cuartelon, we really cant sleep until we found some great code to our profile, until we achieved what we want..but right now friendter detect us what we did to their profile that's why they made a filtered for those code's..huuh how sad,since we noticed that our layout doesn't worked in friendster i started to research some good social networking site which i found now the facebook.com though we cant change the layout of this site but we really got enjoyed to their games and application especially farmville,farmtown.poker,mafia war,pet society,and many more since we starting using it hazel and my other friends really got addicted on it,in a sense they really cant sleep again not just finding some code now but they have just to harvest there farm..how funny right?but they really valued it ..hahaha

    You what is your fav social networking site?and are also addicted with it?


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