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    God,Family,Friends thanks

    Within 3 months of blogging I have been met so many good people who really believed in me, that I have an space in the net to shared with, that’s why im getting this opportunities to thank with them,but first and foremost I want to thank god for given me a wisdom and ability to do things liked this, secondly my family who really support in me in what I’ve been doing right now even though is a quite lasting when i worked in real world..hahaa but they really got happy when I report how much I earned in my adsense,,lol

    and among them of course I have a lot of online friends, that I have been thanks with liked miss liberty who introduce me ptc and help me in so many things and specially sir mac mac of kipintats.com who got featured my banner in his furom and you can see that banner in dayly routine in kipintats.com thank you for that and ofcourse my very good friend zhela who maid me banner even though sometimes she got irritated with me because I always as a favor with her..lol and other one is dexter he made me a banner also and my ym buddies kuya jingpols and ate maricel andso many people around the globe thank you for that I really appreciated what you’ve done with me guyz even though this post is about to end but my thank you is never ever ending……………..


    My Banner In Kipintats.com


    Hazel Cuartelon Made this banner for me


    Thanks for these commented, My site will be better now..lol


    Location:Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, SWEDEN

    About ur site. its cool.
    But I would like u to show more what age u are doing this for. Is it kids, teenagers, adult u know.
    Ur navigation is good its easy to understand and to find.
    The fox is cute lol.
    The Advertisements that are blinking are quite irritating. They irritate the eye and makes the visitor unable to concentrate on the things u write.
    Think of what text u write with. The reader should be able to read it fast. So fat isn't good in a ordinary text. Its confusing and makes it look like its a lil to much text than it really is.
    On the navigation- TV Shows that text is good info but a bad fonts. the reader is getting tired. It looks like u haven't got any space between the words. If u wanna use that fonts u have to have bigger space. U are using "century gothic"
    I would like u to use:

    "After kris bernal and aljur abrenica who recently won in season 4 of starstruck. (batang)
    After kris bernal and aljur abrenica who recently won in season 4 of starstruck. (Georgia)
    After kris bernal and aljur abrenica who recently won in season 4 of starstruck. (Tahoma)
    After kris bernal and aljur abrenica who recently won in season 4 of starstruck. (bookman old style)"

    I copied a sentence from ur Navigation- TV Shows.
    These are good fonts, they are east to read. Try out what u think.
    It should be easy to read and remember we dont know what u write so we must see easy.

    Hope it helped a little. OMG this was a long mail. But keep on doing sites and ask for help if u want.


    Location:San Jose, California

    i think you did a good job on it :D the only little thing is when you change pages the My Blog link stays highlighted but that's just me XD but it's well done and it works so good job =)


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