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    Want to host new site? But doesn’t have enough money to spend on it

    we all know most of us spent some quite money by just having an site right? but why we should buy some? if we avail some free one..lol even if someone told me that if i used an free domain and web host i cant garantly until when yet uvailable..!! but its ok now,because i found a free domain for life,even if its co.cc not .com its liked there the same usage and doesnt matter if it is .co.cc or what the important things is to have an unique visitor a day right?,and regarding with free webhost i been tested so many free host but they always down server but luckily now i found a great one which is www. lkwebhost.com alot of newbies on this doesnt know how to set up there domain co.cc on this host,that's why im try my best to teach you on how they worked to each other!!

    CO.CC:Free Domain

    Ok we begin by having your free domain name co.cc by checking first here if it is available

    and if your domain is available you have to register it first after that we go now on how to set up it to your free web host

    You see like this but dont put any thing first to your name server because you find out later where can i get that!

    Now we have to get your free web host by just signing up here www. lkwebhost.com

    after that lets log in now!!

    after loggin you will see your home page,its like this

    and first thing that you do is to add your domain name to your server by just clicking the addon domains button to your Domains navigation

    after that you will see like this

    after your domain added to your server the server name will came up

    and you have to get that 2 name servers and put that to your dns set up in your co.cc domain

    now we have to click on the online file-manager on the file management navigation and you will see this

    and click your domain directories and upload your files site there,,,that's it we have an site now!!!

    I hope i will help you on this tutorial thing!! please pm me if you have an question and stuffs i would love to answer that if i knew it,thanks and godbless


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