• Want To Be a Model?

    If you are located in Philippines, and has a look and talent and no one can discovered you since now ...hmm think again you must make a moved to get you discover right ?

    Let me tell you about what happened last a few months ago, so the story goes like this, one day I am surfing the net by finding some stuff to help for me to earn money online and went I searched a keyword of affiliate this site will came up(http://starhorizon.net) at first i really cant believed that they help other people out to be a model but suddenly I have been watched there advertisement in Kapuso mo Jessica soho that’s why im decided to try to apply by online..hihih I ‘ve passed 3 photos my first photo is smiling to indicates that my teeth are complete while the second was serious type and the third one is casual after 2 weeks time I received a text and email coming from the agency (starhorizon.net)and they invited me for
    there annually modeling contest..hihi they gave me an exact address where is the screening was held but I didn't expect that, and they are texting me 3 times just to confirm if I come or not,,,and I decided not to come that’s why im giving this important information to other model material out there…to try
    there luck…and I'm really looking forward to watch you on tv one of this days..

    Go here for Online Application



    MONDAY TO SATURDAY 8AM TO 7PM. Please advise them of your availability so they can have staff to stand by just for you

    *starhorizon.net Note*

    No braces allowed. Must have Complete sets of teeth for Adult. For potential kid talents with fallen teeth, we recommend temporary dentures. We can refer you the dental laboratory who makes inexpensive dentures for commercial models (dentures are needed just for the kids to be fit in commercials and other projects...we want the best for our talents).

    What to Wear in VTR?

    Wear Casual attire:
    * Kids- Shorts and bright t-shirt (no collar).
    * Miniskirt and sleeveless for teens 16yrs to 25yrs (especially those potential talents for
    lotion or any body product).
    * Casual Attire for other teens who doesn't wear miniskirt.
    * For Young Moms and Dad Role - wear Casual attire with collar. Also bring formal attire
    for executive roles.
    * For Grandpa and Grandma Role- Casual Attire only.
    * For Babies - Diaper only

    And you can contact them to this numbers and email

    Please call / text : +639064825095 / +639228146197 / (632)-5572675 / (632)-481-6364


    Location-Unit 804 Cattleya Building Salcedo St. Legaspi Village Makati City


  1. precious says:







    hnd ako pwde sa ganto..masyado akong...


    mabaet para dito!

  1. whitepaige says:

    pwede ka ..precious ka nman dba...lol salamat po sa pagdaan..

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