• Time for us to be paid on paypal wishlist?

    So did you got already your notification email regarding with your earnings on paypal wishlist promo(via facebook)? if so, you kinda lucky because since know i don't even recieve any email coming from them..huhuh how sad right? maybe because they just notified first those people who earned not so big like i did..heheh i hope that is it,,uh..

    yes as you can see, i reached the maximum amount that we can receive/earn through this promotion, that's why im quite bothered and nervous because my sister got her notification already..huhuh i hope paypal pay me in what Ive done to them,which is referring a lot of people just to participate on this promotion..hihih

    By the way this will be the email that my sister recieved

    YOU'VE GOT CASH! Thanks for participating in the PayPal WishList Promotion

    Hi Jane Marin,

    Did your friends take your hint to buy you gifts you asked for using your PayPal WishList you created in Facebook? We sure hope so! And just as we've promised, you've earned some cash for helping us spread the word about the PayPal WishList app. We also hope you've enjoyed using it.

    The cash you've earned from the WishList promotion will be credited into your PayPal account. (If you don't see the earnings just yet, it means we're still working on it and we'll credit it to your account shortly.) To claim your money, log in to your account and click "Accept" next to the earnings - you'll have 30 days to claim your money.

    "oh maybe they will working it out with my account then..lol but no worries guyz if you cant recieve any notification from them like me it doesn't mean that you cant recieved your cash on this promotion ,because they still processing it till feb 28,2010 so nothing to worry about, i just a overacting on it ,you know me im a 5150..hahaha just kidding so bye for now,thanks for reading this nonsense post,,,lol


  1. moneymaker says:

    don't worry ronel, you'll receive your $100 soon! hihihih....

  1. precious says:

    ay grabe mang inggit..

    wla akong paypal acct..hmmp..

  1. tsiremo says:

    WIll they gonna pay the exact earnings that we earned from Paypal Wishlist?

  1. whitepaige says:

    @ ate maricel thanks for droppin by..sana nga po neh..

    @precious thanks po sa pagdaan..hihih

    @kuya tsi ewan ko po sana nga po neh..hihi

  1. zhela says:

    yow Mr. Marin..i just got the money from paypal wishlist and they worth 2k something in phil money..but im too lazy to avail a credit or debit card weh so i just spend em buying tokens from friends for sale nyahahahhahaha uhm..thanks for the hard worked anyways.. two thumbs up for you my dear..hihi

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