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    Lockerz.com is an invite-only website where you can earn Pointz (PTZ) by playing games, watching play, answering dailies questions and the great thing about these PTZ is that ,you can redeem it with some cool prizes such as games, movies, USB sticks, (Xbox 360, PS3, PSP) consoles, laptops, iPods (touch 8/32/64 GB) and more!

    As mentioned above, Lockerz is an invite-only website, so you must receive an invitation first before you can get in there. thats why i putted a email form at the top of this page in order for you to get invited, no worries after you sent your email address above you will be receiving an lockerz invitation from me that probably takes 10 min or lets make it 1-2 hours as i online, so if i were you must sign up now to get your most likely prizes

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  1. Lockerz says:

    Invitation Lockerz within 24 hours

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