• Ways To Earn Money Online

    Before I really don't believed that other people can earn money online, all I know is there was a product that you have to sell first before you can get some commission on it, and in that way you can earn money right?but since I read an article about many ways to earn money online, my attention caught of this, that's why I searched a lot about how to make money online and luckily right now I knew many ways to earn money online ,that's why I made this post to teach other people like you to earn also like I did now. Ok lets us begin first by enumerating those ways after that I explain it as much I can understand it.

    These are the ways that I'm using now.

    1.PTC-what is ptc? Ptc stand for paid to click..this is the program were in you don't have to install anything and stuff like that.. all you have to do is sign-up there form, and you can start earning right away..how to do that? Just go to the navigation of that particular Ptc website and hit the view add button and with their you can see a lot of ads that you have to click on..and how to make your earnings big?all you had to do is make a strategy, for example, you had a lot of social networking sites like friendster,myspace,facebook,myyearbook,ect just put your referral link to your profile and if somebody hit that and sign-up a form automatically you received a small amount directly to your account because of your referral..how to get your earnings? You can get your earnings by alert pay or paypal.. where can I find some credited Ptc websites..don't worry I compile some of the credited Ptc websites that I used.. just go to my navigation and hit the Ptc link button and that's it..

    But the earnings that you can get; here are quite low.However, it depends on your hard work and dedication.

    2.Survey -like in ptc all you have to do first is to sign up after that you can Get paid by sharing your opinions and ideas, and you can Win money in monthly drawings just for being a member.and also Win money in drawings when you fill out a short questionnaire. Earn cash each time you complete a survey, and I compile also some of the survey(s) websites that I used just go to ptc link to see survey link.

    3.Know we go down in most important part, which is having your own website because if you had your own website, there were a lot of opportunity to you to earn big,like sign up with google ad sense that is one and there were a lot of companies out in the internet that offering a ad revenue like the following .adbrite,bidvertiser,textadlink,adstraigth,clicksor,textadmarket.after. All of sign up and putting their ads to your site it doesn't mean that you are automatically earnings every day because you have to work hard with that by optimizing your site in search engine to get a lot of traffic because if you have a lot of traffic every let me say 1000 people that will visit your site every day their was a big change that 200 up to 400 people that click your ads and that click probably 70 up to 150 dollars its depend to page impression not bad in day earnings isn't it?

    Secondly, if your site got a rank in search engine you can allow some business owner or website owner to advertise to you that was great because by just putting their advertisement to site you are earning every month but other its depend to negotiation...

    TIPs:In order you to get a lot of traffic you must submit your site in any online directories.social book marking and commenting to other blogs is a big help,submit blog,rss submission,and I have some of that to my SEO link just try to view it...



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