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    My internet journey began when my cousin maricar worked to miss paige as Seo assistance by then I'm asking her why they can earn money online. And she answered me back, she said that you can earn money online by putting your own website and besides of that if you have knowledge about Seo you can get a client online and start making money on it. With that small information, I’m starting to research about how to make a website first, in order for me to get started right? And after 1 day luckily I made my first website. Through adobe dream weaver and I titled that “ Ways To Earn Money Online at first I got an email from are kababayan telling me that I'm not a really good in bogging because he really looked up my post in a negative way, but I'm ready for those critiquing messages of course we had to admit that we can’t please other people ,that’s why I'm decided to post other topics like internet news,ways to earn money online, job interview techniques, etc and of course the best of them all Korean artists because this post gave me a good traffic right now almost haft of the viewers in my You tube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf65R8qFV4I) which is guesting of (2ne1)sandara park in e-live will have been visited my site ,after one month of blogging and post such as topics like this my ad revenue will be increased so fast that why I had been received this adsense pin so early..


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