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    The Korean artists

    The most Korean pop artists nowadays are starting to be known not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries even in Hollywood, they were starting to make a name all over the world maybe because of there performance because we had to admit that K pop or Korean pop artist they really give their 100 percent when it comes to their performances, and if you watch them performing it’s seemed like you are in a big concert even though they just perform in a simple TV show that’s why most of the Filipino admired them..

    This is the list of K pop artist that Filipino most admired.

    Specially, the groups of ss501, big bang, wonder girls, Boys over flower group (F4), Rain and of course are every owned Sandara park group (the 2ne1)

    I really admit before that I can’t recognize the talent of Sandra park here in the Philippines because it seemed like she also been the same in other artists, just nothings knew...she can sing/dance, she can act and even hosting but nothings specially about that because other artists here in the Philippines can do better than she did.. But now I would say that she grew a lot to her craft and the level of her performance is really fantastic together with her group 2ne1 actually the group 2ne1 is gotten featured in one of the controversial model/singer in Hollywood the Perez Hilton blog tried to visit this link—>http://perezhilton.com/tv for more details
    This video got the 1st spot in our music channel (MYX)

    Signature of (2ne1)and other K-POP Artist

    All the Korean Pop artists had their own signature and for the group 2NE1 these are the things that I had been noticed.

    1. They clothes although most of the Korean wants to wear colorful clothes but in 2ne1, they are really difference to other I don’t know what do you called in their fashion sense all the things that I say is they are all hot in the stage if they were wearing those out fit maybe to catch the attention of the viewer that's why they are wearing those things.

    1. Try to look up their eyes they have the same style.

    Try to watch this video to learn how to do the 2ne1 inspired look

    And there Was a singer group in Korean, who starting to get famous here in the philippines and that will be the Wonder girls because of there a song Nobody.

    The first time that I heard this song all I expect that... this is an english song but suddenly in the second part of the song, I heard unfamiliar words.. and I found out by browsing through the net this song is sung by the girl's group in Korean but the funny things about that even though Filipino didn't understand the song, they really try their best to sing it..

    Wonder girls Went To U.S(PortLand)

    Because of their world class performance, they have given a chance to be performed in the concert of Jonas brothers in Portland USA.


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